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Autobiography (Academic) Part-1

It is really difficult for me to remember when I start my school. But I can memorize some incidences related to my academic journey. If I tried to remember when and how I started to go to school the only scenario I can visualize in my mind, is that, I am going to school with my elder sisters taking some books, slate and chalk. Initially I used to sit with my elder sister with her class room because I even don’t know where to go and what to do.

Thus my academic carrier began. . I used to go to school regularly, but couldn’t remember much of those days. The other incident that I can remember is, the day of annual result declaration of all classes. On that day, we, all students used to stand in 5 long queues. Our honorable head master usually declared the results starting from class five. He reads all the results up to class two and then for class one, he said “you all have been passed! That was the happiest moment for me. Soon after hearing from the head master, that everyone had passed, I ran towards home and told my parents about the good news.

Those days were really enjoyable!!

Another interesting incident that I always remember is about my entry class two. On that day our head teacher was teaching to the   students of class one. I was also there as because  I was one of the class one students. Suddenly head teacher asked me, “why you are here? I think you should sit in the class room of class two because you are better”.

Honestly speaking, I was not that much good student. But after getting instruction from our head teacher I walked towards class two. When I was entering, another teacher (we called him “second sir”) was teaching in the class room at that time. I took permission from him and then sit in the class.

Now came the obvious question, “Jaynal, why you are in this class? This is class two!” My simple answer was, “head sir told me to sit here, because I deserve to read in this class. As soon as I replied,  my real exam started; suddenly he opened a book and covers the Bangla word (চিড়িয়াখানা) and asked me to spell it.

I became nervous and could not understand what to do. Then he asked again, “spell it”. If you failed  you have to go back to class one again.

Spell the word (চিড়িয়াখানা) correctly otherwise go back to class one!!

Though I was able to spell that word but unfortunately at that time I was unable to perform and as a result, he told me to leave the class immediately and go to class once again  🙁 My one year back log started 🙁 On that day I did not return to class one. So far I remember, I cried a lot. Head teacher asked me why I was crying. Then I explain the whole event to him and he also agreed that I should stay in class one again. But for that day as consolation he permit me to sit with my elder sister in her class room.


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  1. Sultana Rajia says:

    most interesting incident……..your happiness listening the news that all students have passed.

  2. Rakib says:

    Good job brother

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