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RESEARCH PROJECTS (as Co Investigator)

  1. Estimating economic burden of influenza-associated respiratory illness among pregnant women and their young infants (0-6 months) in Bangladesh
  2. Developing a non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) for influenza for school children and evaluating the impact of the intervention
  3. Risk of avian influenza virus for contaminating environment of live bird markets and possible impact of cleaning and disinfection
  4. Mortality and hospitalizations due to influenza, rotavirus and other respiratory pathogens in Bangladesh
  5. A randomized controlled trial of the benefits of water sanitation hygiene plus nutrition interventions on child growth
  6. Vitamin D supplementation: Impact on severe pneumonia among under-five children



  1. Incidence of acute gastroenteritis-associated death among children <5 years of age in Bangladesh, 2010-12
  2. Costs of severe respiratory syncytial virus illness among children aged <5 years and the financial impact on households in Bangladesh, 2010
  3. Raw sap consumption habits and its association with knowledge of Nipah virus in two districts in Bangladesh
  4. Evaluating long-term behavior change resulting from an intervention to prevent Nipah virus transmission from bats to humans in Bangladesh
  5. Characterizing seasonality of bats’ feeding behavior, a major route for Nipah virus transmission from bats to humans in Bangladesh
  6. Virological and sero-epidemiological studies of influenza A (H5) virus in nomadic ducks and their raising practices in northeastern Bangladesh, 2011-2012



  1. Introduction to Stata: This training focused on data management, validity checking and descriptive statistical analysis
  2. Data analysis using Stata: This training is focused on various statistical techniques. It includes discussion on statistical methods and application using Stata
  3. Sample size calculation: A short workshop on calculating sample size for public health research study
  4. Surveillance data analysis: This training will be focused on analyzing surveillance data
  5. Introduction to R: This training focused on basic of R, and its application in public health research data analysis
  6. Introduction QGIS: This training focused on developing basic map using QGIS software