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I’m Jaynal Abedin, from Bangladesh. I’ve completed M.Sc. in the Department of Statistics, from the University of Rajshahi. Right after completion of my post-graduation, I started my professional career in 2008 as a “Data Entry Operator”. Since then I’ve been engaged with data related activities. At the beginning of 2009 I switched my job and started to work as a “Statistical Programmer” where I learned SAS programming. During the period of time (January to August 2009), I learned how to handle real world data, especially clinical trial data. I also learned about checking quality of data producing data sets with specific requirement to perform certain statistical analysis and many more.

In August, 2009, I joined icddr,b as a “Statistical Officer”. Since then I’m with this organization .While working in icddr,b, my knowledge level is enriching day by day. Currently holding the position of Senior Statistician at the Centre for Communicable Diseases (CCD) at icddr,b. I have acquired pretty good expertise on R programming and STATA.

I have developed an R package “edeR: Email Data Extraction Using R” and this particular piece of work brought the best poster award for me in the “R users conference” that held in the University of Castila La Mancha, Albacete, Spain in 2013. This is now available at CRAN.

In icddr,b, I was leading a team of statisticians. My primary area of research interest includes causal inference and machine learning. Since 2009, I have facilitated training for more than 200 researchers in the area of statistics, statistical software including STATA, R.

Beside my organizational job activities, I have another world and that is, freelancing. Since May 2010 I am working as Freelance Statistician at upwork and successfully completed several projects. In upwork, I work for statistical analyses which require advanced statistical applications including machine learning and handling large volume of data.

Moreover, I’m also a regular cyclist and occasional photographer!!

Currently, I am pursuing PhD at The Insight Centre for Data Analytics under National University of Ireland Galway.


Data Manipulation with R Second Edition: This book starts with the installation of R and how to go about using R and its libraries. We then discuss the mode of R objects and its classes and then highlight different R data types with their basic operations.

The primary focus on group-wise data manipulation with the split-apply-combine strategy has been explained with specific examples. The book also contains coverage of some specific libraries such as lubridate, reshape2, plyr, dplyr, stringr, and sqldf. You will not only learn about group-wise data manipulation, but also learn how to efficiently handle date, string, and factor variables along with different layouts of datasets using the reshape2 package.

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book-2R Graphs Cookbook Second Edition: Over 70 recipes for building and customizing publication-quality visualizations of powerful and stunning R graphs. Targeted at those with an existing familiarity with R programming, this practical guide will appeal directly to programmers interested in learning effective data visualization techniques with R and a wide-range of its associated libraries. Click to get it…

Data Manipulation with R:book-1 Written for beginners to intermediate users of R, this tutorial will enhance your data manipulation capabilities considerably. It takes you step-by-step through the tools and techniques needed to enable analysis and visualization. Click to get it…

edeR: Email Data Extraction Using R: This package will allow to connect with email server through Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and extract header information e.g. from, to, cc, subject, date and time. User will supply their email address and password along with other options. Initially this package is developed only for Gmail. To run the functions from this package user have to have IMAP enabled Gmail account.